Staying the Course with XARELTO®

Sticking to a medication regimen isn’t always easy. We understand that you need to feel like you’re doing all you can for yourself and those who depend on you to help protect yourself from a stroke. When the going gets tough, remember how important it is to learn all you can and continue taking XARELTO® as prescribed by your healthcare professional. Now that’s something you and your loved ones can be proud of.

Here are some tips and reminders that may help as you refocus on your health goals:

Register for Ongoing Educational Support for XARELTO®

Learn more about ongoing educational support from Janssen CarePath. You’ll receive additional information about AFib and XARELTO® and access to other tools and resources to help you manage your health.

Learn about saving on XARELTO® costs

If you haven’t yet, explore your savings options for XARELTO®. If your health coverage has changed since you started taking XARELTO®, you may want to recheck your eligibility.

Remember that XARELTO® helps keep you protected

Doing what you can to help keep yourself protected from the risk of a life-threatening or disabling stroke is very important. In a clinical study, over 96% of people taking XARELTO® remained stroke-free.

You never want to get off medication without a doctor's advice—you can really do some harm.

Listen as Paul and Teri explain the importance of staying on a blood thinner.