Healthy Living with
Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)

When you have a condition like CAD, taking that extra step to eat healthy and stay active can feel overwhelming. The truth is, these lifestyle changes are an important part of slowing the progression of CAD—and we’re here to make it a little bit easier to get started on the right track.

Staying Active with CAD

Explore simple ways to keep moving.

Eating Healthy with CAD

Discover tips to help make healthy eating easy and delicious.

Self-Care & CAD

Learn self-care tips that will benefit your mind and body.

CAD Patient Advocacy & Community

Connect and find support from others who are living with CAD.

CAD Caregiver Guide

A special section for those caring for someone with CAD.

Tips to Quit Smoking

If you smoke, the best thing you can do for yourself and those who care about you is to quit. Studies show that people with CAD who quit smoking can reduce their risk for heart attack and cardiovascular death by 50%. It’s not too late. Discover tips that may help.