Managing Ongoing Risk for Recurrent DVT

If you’ve completed at least six months of DVT treatment, it’s important to understand that certain risk factors—primarily ones that you can’t change or control—may mean you have an ongoing risk for recurrent DVT blood clots. People with recurrent DVT have a high risk for having multiple DVT blood clots in the future.

DVT risk factors that can contribute to recurrent DVT

If you stop taking a blood thinner:

After 5 years,
chance of another

After 10 years,
chance of another

Up to
of future DVT or PE
blood clots result in a
fatal PE

  • A previous DVT or pulmonary embolism (PE)
  • Having certain blood disorders that make your blood more likely to clot (eg, factor V Leiden, a mutation of one of the clotting factors involved in normal blood clotting)
  • Older age

Your healthcare professional will evaluate your risk factors and may recommend that you continue taking a blood thinner like XARELTO®. This is important because people who have had a DVT or PE and stop taking blood thinners have an even higher chance of having another blood clot.

XARELTO® vs aspirin to help reduce your risk for recurrent DVT

If your healthcare professional believes you have an ongoing risk for DVT blood clots, the question becomes how to reduce your chance of having multiple DVT events. Some people may be prescribed aspirin to help prevent them from having another event. However, in a clinical trial with at-risk people who had already completed at least six months of initial treatment for a DVT, XARELTO® was shown to be superior to aspirin at reducing their risk for recurrent DVT.

  • The risk of another DVT happening again was significantly lower with XARELTO® 10 mg than with aspirin*
  • XARELTO® is the only blood thinner with major bleeding rates proven to be as low as those of aspirin*

*After completion of initial treatment lasting at least 6 months

Talk to your healthcare professional about XARELTO® vs aspirin for reducing your risk of recurrent DVT events. Need help asking the right questions? Create your personalized conversation starter and bring it to your next appointment.