XARELTO® Helps Prevent Blood Clots 
After Knee or Hip Replacement Surgery

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XARELTO® is the blood thinner that orthopedic surgeons prescribe most compared to other DOACs (direct oral anticoagulants)

Other ways to help prevent blood clots after surgery are:

  • Graduated compression stockings

    These tight-fitting knee-high (or higher) socks help your blood flow better by applying pressure at the ankle and reducing pressure as they go up. This helps move blood up your leg and prevents pooling that may lead to swelling and clots.

  • An intermittent compression pump device

    This is similar to a blood pressure cuff that repeatedly inflates and deflates to help your blood flow better in your legs. It slips over your foot and calf like a boot, and acts like your calf muscle does when you are walking.

Ask your healthcare professional which method, or methods, of clot prevention would work best for you.