Blood Thinners for AFib: Help
Protect Yourself Against AFib-related Stroke

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XARELTO® offers 24-hour stroke-risk reduction in a once-daily pill* *Taken with the evening meal.

See how XARELTO® compares to other blood thinners for nonvalvular atrial fibrillation (AFib)

Specific product characteristics are from the individual full Prescribing Information. Direct comparisons of safety and effectiveness cannot be made. There are different treatment options out there to consider for your condition. Please talk with your healthcare provider to determine the appropriate therapy.

  DOAC (direct oral anticoagulant) No routine blood monitoring Once-daily dosing No known food restrictions Begins working quickly Has a reversal agent Mean CHA2DS2 -VASc score of patients in clinical study
(Coumadin®, Jantoven®)
Aspirin             N/A

Evaluating different blood thinners for AFib

XARELTO® vs warfarin

XARELTO® and other DOACs (direct oral anticoagulants) are different from older medicines like warfarin because they don't require routine blood monitoring and have fewer drug interactions. When it comes to side effects, some DOACs have higher rates of gastrointestinal bleeding when compared to warfarin, but have a similar or lower risk of major bleeding, like bleeding into the brain. They also begin working faster and tend to leave the system more quickly, which is beneficial if you plan to have any surgical procedures. Read more about the differences between XARELTO® and warfarin.

Since my doctor was so confident about it, I went with taking XARELTO®

Hear how Janet’s cardiologist helped her find a blood thinner that worked for her.

Once a day vs twice a day

When it comes to dosing, XARELTO® is a blood thinner medicine that can be taken once a day, with the evening meal, which may make it easier for you to remember your medication. You may feel that taking a twice-daily blood thinner means you are taking less medicine at one time, and therefore have a lower risk for side effects like bleeding. The greater concern is that if you happen to miss a dose, your medication is not working as well to reduce your risk of stroke. With XARELTO®, you have 24-hour stroke risk reduction with a once-daily pill.

Balancing stroke risk with bleeding risk

All blood thinners come with a risk of bleeding. However, it’s important to understand that older people with more health issues tend to have both a higher risk of stroke (according to the CHA2DS2-VASc score) and a higher risk for bleeding, even before taking a blood thinner.

Before prescribing a blood thinner, your healthcare professional may evaluate medication options for you based on both your risk for stroke and your risk for bleeding. If you and your healthcare professional choose XARELTO®, it is because the benefit of helping to protect you against the risk of a life-threatening or disabling stroke outweighs your risk of bleeding.

XARELTO® was shown in a clinical trial to be safe and effective, even in older people with more health issues, such as kidney disease. However, your healthcare professional is the only one who can decide if XARELTO® is right for you.

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