AFib Support: Reach Out and Connect

Know that you’re never alone. There are others who are living with AFib who have the same questions, doubts, and fears as you do. Explore our curated list of AFib support groups where you can go to discuss topics relevant to AFib, its treatment, and cardiovascular health.

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AHA Support Network

This support network from the American Heart Association lets you share your story and connect with other people who have cardiac arrhythmias like AFib, find answers to your questions, and learn more about your condition.


The American College of Cardiology offers an up-to-date, authoritative resource for people living with AFib to help prevent, treat, and manage their condition. In addition to information about AFib, you can also find guides to help you understand who’s who on your care team and how to interpret clinical studies, as well as the latest news and events about AFib.


If you've suffered an AFib-related stroke, you may find it helpful to connect with others who are also recovering from a stroke. Inspire is a stroke support and discussion community where you can find and share advice about treatment, rehabilitation, brain damage, paralysis, caregiving, and more.

Mended Hearts

A dynamic community for people with heart disease, including AFib, and their families to connect, learn, and discuss—whether it’s online or through local chapter meetings, attending events, or participating in volunteer opportunities.

My AFib Experience

A comprehensive resource from the American Heart Association, My AFib Experience is a robust platform that not only provides a place to connect with others who have AFib, but also offers resources and information across a range of topics related to living with AFib.

National Stroke Association

A national association that promotes stroke awareness and education through free programs focused on prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and support for everyone impacted by stroke.

A global nonprofit organization dedicated to AFib awareness and education for patients, their families, and caregivers. They also offer an AFib Services Directory to help people with AFib find the right resources for treating and managing their condition.

WomenHeart: The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease

A support network for women living with and at risk for heart disease, including AFib. Their mission is to ensure that every woman has access to prevention and early detection, accurate diagnosis, and proper treatment.

I think relationships make all the difference and community support or familial support is wholly important.

Hear Paul and his daughter talk about what helped him adjust to his AFib diagnosis.