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Estimated XARELTO® Co-pay Cost | XARELTO® (rivaroxaban)

How Much Should I Expect to Pay for XARELTO®?

The cost of prescription medication can range widely, depending on what kind of health insurance you have and what types of support options may be available to you.

If you have:

You could pay:

Commercial Insurance

Janssen CarePath Savings Program for XARELTO®

Eligible commercial patients pay $10 for each 30-day to 90-day prescription for XARELTO®.

Program requirements and exclusions apply. Learn more about the Savings Program.

Janssen CarePath provides information about affordability programs and independent foundations that may have funding available to help you with medication costs for XARELTO®.

Janssen Select

In the event that you reach a coverage gap during the year, you may be eligible for Janssen Select.

Pay $85, plus sales tax if applicable, for a 30-day (1-month) supply of XARELTO®. Or pay $240 for a 90-day (3-month) supply of XARELTO® ($80 per month), plus sales tax if applicable, if you and your doctor choose a 90-day supply.

Learn more at

Medicare Part D

Patients with Medicare pay different co-pays for XARELTO® depending on which drug benefit phase they are in (eg, deductible, initial coverage, coverage gap, etc.), which pharmacy they use, and whether they qualify for Extra Help.*

To provide an accurate expected out-of-pocket cost, please select your specific Medicare drug plan to determine how much you would pay for XARELTO®.

Janssen Select

In the event that you reach a coverage gap during the year, you may be eligible for Janssen Select.

Janssen Select is a no-fee membership program that helps lower the costs of XARELTO® during a coverage gap. Learn more at


To learn more about out-of-pocket costs and Medicaid, visit the Medicaid site here.

Other Insurance (VA, DOD,
Tricare, others)

Because coverage varies by plan, call 888-XARELTO (888-927-3586) to speak to a Care Coordinator, to find out how much XARELTO® will cost you.

* Find your level of Extra Help (Part D). Accessed May 31, 2022. Find a Medicare plan. Accessed May 31, 2022. Cost Sharing Out of Pocket Costs. Accessed May 31, 2022.

Which programs are right for you?

Let us help you pick the right program for you.

The list price for a 30-day supply of XARELTO® is $542, but your cost may be different.1

1How much you will pay each time you fill your prescription is determined by your health or prescription insurance carrier and your specific insurance policy. Information listed is accurate as of 02/09/2023. Information for Medicaid and Medicare Part D out-of-pocket costs are based on publicly available benefit design for 2023 plan year. List price does not reflect a patient's out-of-pocket cost and does not include samples, vouchers, the cost of administering the medication, or pharmacy fees.